Some awesome Cycling gifts selected for you

The Concept R cycling gifts are designed for people that love cycling. There are cufflinks and tie bars for on your suit, but also necklaces and rings.

Concept R products are high quality products. They are produced in several types of metal, depending on your preference and style.


It's all about Cycling

Concept R is an Amsterdam based company, founded in 2011. Since than a passion for cycling emerged and an urge to show it of to the world.

Concept R focuses on designing high quality cycling gifts for the world. Inspiration for these gifts comes from what we love doing most, riding our bikes! Check out the social links to find out more.

For Concept R cycling is a way of live. It is about the way we present ourselves during the race and in between them. Therefor Concept R products are suitable for every occasion.

The Concept R gifts give you the solution to show the world you love cycling always and everywhere!


Please feel free to contact us is you have any question or remark. We will respond within 1 day!

Find the Concept R cycling gifts in store at Velo d'Anver (Eindhoven, Strijp S)

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